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Whether it touches us directly or indirectly, divorce impacts all of us.

As individuals, congregants, clergy, friends and family, we can all learn how to better

support this Jewish Life Cycle Event that is affecting upwards of 40% of Jewish families.

Jewish text and tradition provides commentary and insight into divorce,

and can be a powerful tool to understand challenges  unique to

Jewish families. We work at the intersection of Jewish Roots and

contemporary divorce, offering you

the opportunity to give and receive the best support possible

From the big picture to every day details, how we can talk about divorce better?

What questions can we ask? What services can we provide?

What traditions, rituals, and principles can we turn to?

 How can we best ensure that  our community members survive and thrive

through and after divorce?

Examples Of SituationsWhich May Affect 

Separating & Divorced Families

  • Holiday & Shabbat scheduling disagreements for the children between the two homes 

  • Interfaith Families- are both parents still committed to raising the children Jewish?

  • Synagogue Fees- are you concerned that you will not be able to afford fees after divorce?

  • Interfaith Families- is the non-Jewish parent support by surrounding Jewish Community?

  • Synagogue Family Programming- are single parent families feeling comfortable with all aspects?


  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah Planning- does it feel "safe" for both parents to be involved?

  • Overnight Camp- for the "required" first letter home- is child able to write a letter to each parent?

  • Overnight Camp- is child and both parents made comfortable on Visitors Day?

  • What happens if both parties do not agree to getting a Get?

  • Does your Hebrew School, Day School, Sleepover provide education on this Jewish Life Cycle Event?

  • Is one parent becoming more or less religious- therefore affecting lifestyles of the children?

  • Is your organization fully able to support and retain members and their children when divorce occurs?

  • Domestic Violence- do you feel you are unable to reach out for help and support?

  • Are you remaining in a marriage due to the stigma of divorce in the Jewish Community?

  • Grandparents- have barriers or alienation been put in place in regards to your grandchildren?

  • Is support put in place for long time members of a synagogue or organization for both to manage remaining involved​?

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