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All of our learning is inclusive of the diversity of our Jewish Community. 

Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Egalitarian, Secular, Humanistic, Renewal, Unaffiliated, Interfaith, LGBTQ, Non Jews Seeking Knowledge.



Professional Development

Interactive Workshops for staff, leadership and rabbis, are tailored to the specific dynamics and demographics of the organization or institution.  While building a better toolkit for "on the ground strategies" to  best support separating, divorcing and single parent families on both an individual basis and within existing programmes, workshops also include deeper learning on Jewish Texts that discuss divorce, Jewish Divorce Laws, Jewish Divorce Ritual and Ceremony, plus an examination of Values and Principles found in Judaism that relate to separation and divorce. 

Please contact us for rates- sliding scale may be available.



Adult Education  

Interactive Workshops tailored to the dynamics and demographics  of your group; be it Adult Learning in a Hadassah group, Synagogue, JCC, Day School, Hebrew School, Summer Camp, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Chavera, etc.   At the intersection of divorce and Judaism, participants will be introduced to Jewish Texts that discuss divorce,  Jewish Divorce Laws,  Jewish Ritual and Ceremony of divorce,  Jewish Values and Principles that relate to separation and divorce.  Participants will also be able to fill their toolkit with a variety of skills that can be used to best support friends, family members, schoolmates and colleagues who are impacted by divorce.

Please contact us for rates- sliding scale may be available.



Individual Support

Exploration into existing Jewish ritual, law, values and principles of divorce are geared to your particular family situation and dynamics as sources for guidance, learning, and comfort. Tailored to meet the logistical and emotional challenges of your stage of divorce;  from considering separation, in the midst of the divorce process, after divorce: transitioning into a single parent family or being on one's own.  Addressing the unique situations that Jewish families face; including interfaith families, Jewish denominational differences,

empty-nesters and  grandparents.

Please contact us for rates- sliding scale may be available.


Child and Youth Program Curriculum

We are presently developing Curriculum for education on Jewish Divorce practices, including a Mock Jewish Divorce Ceremony.  This Curriculum is for use in Day Schools, Hebrew Schools, Synagogue Programming,

Youth Movements and Summer Camps. Geared toward varying age groups, our Curriculum focuses on helping children, youth, and teenagers have a better understanding of how Judaism addresses divorce. From what a Jewish Divorce Ceremony looks like, to how Jewish Principles and Values and Jewish texts apply to contemporary divorce. Our Curriculum will add Jewish knowledge to the toolkit of youth to help support them through experiences with separation and divorce within their own family and within their wider community.



"Most importantly, there are steps Jewish communities can take to help divorced families experience the community as both an oasis and a path to a new life" -An Interview With Edythe Held Mencher and Marsha Elsner


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